Poker has always been a strategy game. There’s some kind of luck involved, as the cards that are dealt for you are, of course, dealt at random. However, that’s where the luck factor ends for Poker, because the rest is dictated by strategy rather than fortune.

Of course, this goes without saying that, in order to be a successful Poker player, you’d have to learn how to execute strategy. It also means that, in order to execute good strategy, you’d have to know what makes up a winning strategy in Poker.

Let’s take a look at what really are the marks of a good technique in playing Poker.

Stop Focusing on Hands

Hands are, of course, at the centerpiece of anybody’s Poker strategy. However, they are not the sole factors that make up a winning stratagem in this highly competitive and exciting card game. If you want to raise the stakes of your Poker playing, you’d have to learn not to get fixated by hands.

In other words, don’t allow yourself to be focused solely on establishing a winning hand when playing Poker. You’d have to focus on what they call the range – a range is a set of possible card combinations that your opponent could be holding.

Poker strategy

This is due to the random nature of card dealing in Poker. You can’t actually force or influence your opponent to take on a certain hand, because they themselves don’t control what cards are given to them by the dealer.

Don’t Develop a Favorite

You must also unwrap your head around the idea of a favorite hand. You might end up holding on to a card combination hoping that it would turn in your favor at the last dealing of cards. You’re actually inviting disaster that way.

What you do, then, is to ditch a low level hand at the beginning. If you think you’re holding a mediocre card combination right at the start, it’s best to fold early on before the stakes get too high and it’s too late to turn back. Like when you’ve allowed yourself into an “all-in or fold” trap, and you still want to hold on to the card thinking that you’ve bluffed your opponent into an apparently disadvantageous position.

Practice and Master Consistency

Last but not the least: be consistent with your strategy. You’ve worked hard and long to develop that technique, so stick to it. This is the only way you could influence the outcome of your games with confidence.

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