Playing online poker has been the rave nowadays. With the advent o the Internet and the Web, finding an avenue where to play poker has been increasing. This is evident by the growing number of poker sites online. What was once a favorite past time at casinos, can now be a good past time even at home.

Playing online poker

Due to poker’s popularity on the web is also the emergence of poker bots. Poker bots are computer programs that can play poker and defeat human opponents. This automatically plays poker with little to no human interaction. Its goal is not only to defeat the opponent but also win money.

If you have been having problems defeating online bots, here are some tips you can follow and do.

Know the system

The first thing you need to know would be the intricacies of the system of a poker bot. You see, there is computer generated codes that are created by the sites in order to know shuffles, deals, and even outcomes. You need to be able to understand how this works. A bot is just confined to decisions based on the course of the game. It has high regard for statistical poker analysis. In short, a poker bot makes decisions based on patterns it knows in the game.

Identify the patterns

Online poker sites actively detect and throw efforts of poker bot programmers and also its users. You can use this as a counter-measure to the bots. You can use the same known pattern to defeat it. Implementing a countermeasure to these bots, the site is able to ensure that the bot will not win since the bots are considered predictable. It is also confined to a skill-set in relation to statistical odds and probability. Though this might be rather confusing, this actually works to a human’s advantage. While the site’s software is seeking the bot patterns, it also attempts to detect who is a human and a computer generated script.

This can be a flow that you can take advantage. Even more, if you have the ability to beat a bot, this guarantees that you can also beat human opponents too.


There are indeed tricks on how you can pull out a win in spite of facing a bot. Follow the tips stated above and for sure you can be able to rain a bot’s parade. Try some poker online Indonesia to get you started on some game. Most importantly, practice makes perfect.