Slot machines and their values

This three-letter acronym indicates the Return to Player, which is the sum of money that ends up in the prize pool and the sum that ends up at the dealer . In short, when you play 100 euros in an online slot machine, part of this money ends up in the virtual “cash” of the slot and a part instead on the gaming platform. You will understand for yourself that the greater the amount that ends up in the prize pool, the higher the chances of getting a win . Every online slot machine must have this public value and therefore you shouldn’t have difficulty finding it. Usually, at least as regards games or legal in Italy and therefore licensed by ADM, the average value is between 94 and 96%.This means that if you play 100 euros, a sum between 94 and 96 euros ends up in the prize pool and therefore returns to the players’ availability and only 6 or 4 euros arrive at the dealer. Then there are games that have a lower RTP value and some where they go up to 98%, for example more info here.

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Beware of another aspect that slots players encounter a lot. That is, they believe that slot has to pay 98% of what they play . Actually, technically that’s still the case , but the fact is that they don’t have to pay whoever plays that money, but they can do it in an unspecified amount of time . The important thing is that sooner or later they return the set percentage of RTP to the players. Obviously the device can do this either in the form of many small wins, or with a single big win, and this will surely make some players happy.


Here is another aspect to pay close attention to, since it can have a significant impact on your gaming experience, and therefore it is better to know it first. This is the index that you will need to understand the frequency of wins, and the amount of prizes. There are three volatility indices to know: medium, high and low . The high one indicates that the slot machine does not have a great action, that is, that there are no frequent winning combinations, but at the same time that when there are some prizes, they will be quite high.