How much do you know about type of poker players?

There are different types of poker players we find in casinos. If you are a poker enthusiast, then you must know about different types of poker players. Click here for alpha88.

Loose vs Tight

Really being loose or tight does not have to do with the way we play but with what we choose to play, with being more or less “seized.”

Loose is the one who plays many hands and of different types, while tight is a kind of player who chooses only those that interest him. It is a decision that has nothing to do with your way of playing hands if not simply which ones to play with, so it really does not affect us when facing our rivals.Visit this site for alpha88.

Passive vs Aggressive

If we to talk about playing many or few hands, what we are referring to now is risk tolerance: what we are willing to lose. That our opponent is more or less aggressive will influence our way of playing against him.

Logically, in poker, playing with fear decreases the chances of winning. The popular saying that “who does not risk, does not win” is very evident in this game. If a player is passive – he risks little or nothing – he will only win when he carries the best hand (and he knows it), however, the aggressive player has twice the opportunities: he will win when he carries the best hand, or when he forces the one he leads to withdraw The best hand.

However, the solution is not always to be aggressive. Sometimes, we talk about the “art of foliage”, recognize the best time to retire, although usually, as with sports betting, the key is knowing how to properly manage the bankroll and stake. The grace is in knowing when and how to risk.

When we combine the degree of loose / tight with that of passive / aggressive, we get the four most common types of players:

Loose / passive

plays many hands but risks very little. They are also known as the “fish”.

Loose is the one who plays many hands and of different types

Loose / aggressive

Bet on many hands and do it by risking. It can be difficult to “read” because he will play all hands and it is not clear if he does it because he has good cards or by inertia. Depending on the degree of aggressiveness, there is also talk of the “maniac”, the one who always plays everything aggressively.

Tight / passive

It is selective in the hands that it plays and tends not to risk. With this type of player, what happens is that he doesn’t even earn much when he decides to go, since the others will know that if he does it is because he has good cards and will tend to retire, leaving little pot.

Tight / aggressive

Only goes for the hands that interest you but plays very solidly, goes for them with all the consequences. They are known as the “sharks” and are that kind of player you don’t want to cross with.