Domino Tricks and Tips

You may think that domino games are based all on pure luck which involves mechanical gameplay. But can you believe that skill and judgment can actually make a difference between winning and losing a domino game? It is no secret that the tiles you are given are still purely luck, but when you know how to play the game, there is a difference in outcomes. Compared to unskilled domino players, skillful players are more likely to win.

Generals and Basics

Always make sure to know what kind of game you are playing and which domino rules are the ones you should be following. After a few rounds of the game, you will begin to have an idea of which kind of moves or gameplay you should be doing. Familiarize yourself with the tiles and type of domino set you have been given. If you know the number of tiles in a particular suit, you will be able to work out the possible tiles the other players have due to your judgment of playing your right tile.

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Block and Draw

  • Set down the doubles early on. Due to the doubles have the same suit value on both sides, the opportunities to set them down on the layout are fewer. Make it a habit to play them whenever you get the opportunity.
  • Set down the heavier tiles early on. No one knows who will the game, so to have a higher chance, play your heavier tiles early. Whoever does win the round or perhaps the round is blocked, your school will not be as high as compared to your opponents.
  • Hold on to a variety of suits. Make it a habit to keep as many different suits as you can in your hands for as long as you can. This gives you a better chance of playing no matter what tile you may be put in the layout. You will not need to make a pass during your turn.
  • Take note of the other players’ suits. Make a list on your head of the different values the other players make a pass on. This will give you the advantage of knowing which value they are missing and you will be able to later block them in the game.
  • Read between the lines. When you have been given your own set, try to imagine the different sets your opponents have. Again, this will give you the advantage to block them later on.

Point Domino

  • Always be aware of the board count. It is is the total of all open ends on the layout. Games like FIves gives the players points when the board count is a multiple of five.
  • Check out the tiles you have and how they can make a difference in the board count. Calculate the difference between the suit values that are on either end of a tile, it will allow you to determine how they will change the board count.
  • Make use of blocking strategies when nearing the end of the point game.

Take note that if your opponents draw extra tiles from the boneyard then the blocking strategies may not work and can actually backfire.

Playing domino online makes no difference when you play domino on a table with friends. So try it out! Give yourself a challenge by playing different opponents around the world!