Domino Poker: Is It Legal And Addictive?

The legality of online gambling is dynamic. Online Gambling is simply playing risk-oriented games over the internet in the hopes of winning more and more money from another party. According to research,domino poker revenues were about $300 billion annually. This gambling includes sports like:-

  • Casinos
  • Poker
  • Sports Betting

Legal on which Sports and Nations:-

Many countries ban or prohibit gambling, but it is legal in some countries like Canada, and most countries of the European Union.Most lotteries sites are undertaken by governments. Private companies and individuals also run the lottery, but because of government interference, their profit ratio of private companies and individuals has crouched.

Online Gambling addictive

Is Online Gambling addictive :

Online gambling is toxic physical health as well as mental health of an individual. As these games are addictive, and the one who lives with this addiction may go through depression, anxiety disorder, and other related problems. This addiction not only ruins your health but also the ones who are precious to you like family members, friends, your loved ones, etc. This may lead to failed relationships, loss of jobs and severe debts.

Techniques for quitting:

Try these techniques next time when you have the urge to gamble:-

  • Distract yourself from the gambling sites.
  • Try to put your valuable money on some productive work.
  • Keep yourself busy at work
  • Save money for trips with friends.
  • Never try to win back your losses.
  • Save money to achieve your goals.

Does India allow Online Gambling :

In India,domino poker is prohibited. But India has no law against Online Gambling. The one who is willing to bet online can bet on the betting sites based outside India. In India, there is only one site which is run by the government for betting online. There is a rough treatment if anyone is found guilty under online betting, and the one also has to pay the penalty.

Some will say that Online Gambling is not a big issue. Online Gambling or betting is alright as long as it is done in limit or has a deadline because many of them take this addictive concept in very lenient or in easy going way.And if you know someone who is addicted or if you are addicted to gambling you should use the techniques for quitting gambling or call to helpline number for quitting it. So that you can get the help that you needed before it’s too late. Get out from this addiction before the situation gets worse.