Do you want to learn playing baccarat?

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    • For play baccarat you have a standard 52-deck next, shuffle six or eight of those cards and then keep them in a shoe.
    • From the end of the shoe a cut-card cuts at 16 cards and acts as the last hand of the shoe.
  • The dealer and the player take cards to make a hand with points total closest to 9 and even without exceeding.
  • The players to the table place bets before the dealer deals two cards on each side. The winner is the person who is the closest to a total of 9.
  • There can only be 3 outcomes, the dealer or banker, the player, and the last one is a tie.
  • You have to add the values of the individual cards to determine your total hand.
  • The ten and the picture cards are counts as zero and all the other cards are count according to face value. The ace is worth 1 only.
  • When you have the total value of the cards you must have to drop the 10 and then remain with a value between 0-9.


  1. You must have to avoid making the tie bet because it comes with a high house edge.
  2. If you betting on the banker on live baccarat then you are more likely to win.
  3. You must have to keep betting on the banker until he loses.
  4. If you have lost a bet then you have to wait for one decision before jumping with another bet.
  5. You have to be very cautious when playing mini baccarat as the game gets more volatile.
  6. You must have to manage your money well and do not bet when you can not afford to lose.