A Few Tips to Change Your Luck in Sicbo

Those who have tried their hand or dabble sometimes in online gambling, you would know the game of sicbo. The term sic and bo individually mean precious dice and alternative terms that people use for sicbo is tai sai or dai siu. Some people say that since sicbo is all a game of luck and no tips can help the player. However, that does not mean that you cannot follow some rules to increase your chances of being supported by your luck which could help you acquire a position in the Daftar sicbo online.

  • Your best bets – Now there are two types of bets that you should concentrate on when you are playing the game. The first one is the small bet which basically entails predicting that the three dice present in the game would collectively roll a number between four to ten. This type of bet most of the time has a greater potential but the con associated with small bets is that you would win a lesser amount. Big bets are the ones when the player correctly guesses the collective dice number to be between 11 to 17. In these types of bets, you may take up a higher losing risk but if you win, you will win big. You can either go for small payouts or believe in your luck to get you a bigger amount in one go.

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  • Be on the defensive side of the game – This may sound like a passive move to you, especially when the game is going on. However, you will soon realise that patience and playing defence pays off more in this game. It has been assessed that people who stay on the defensive side of things manage to salvage most of their winnings and also stay in the game long enough or maybe till the end. At some point, you have to realise that in this game of “luck favours the fortunate”, you will not make it to the Daftar sicbo online if you always take the “go in guns blazing” style.

It is absolutely up to your choice to play the game in your own style but you would do well if you keep in mind the pointers mentioned in this article. You may not have a fixed strategy in sicbo like in other articles but the above-listed tips are worth giving an ear to.