People love risks even if they do not know it. Studies have shown that more people would like to gamble for a shot at big money prizes. But, with gambling, it isn’t as easy to go out anymore. Visiting a land-based casino can be a chore, thankfully there are online casinos like Domino QQ. Aside from convenience, these offer extra playing money in the form of bonuses. Let us look at some of the types of bonuses now.

New Player Bonuses

This is probably the most popular kind of bonus that you will get. As the name suggests, it is for new players or members of an online casino. These typically come in when new members make their first deposit. It differs from casino to casino, but some have up to a 300% first deposit bonus. For something like that it is usually broken down into three segments. In the example of 300% bonus it can go as follows:

  • 1st deposit: 150% bonus
  • 2nd deposit: 50% bonus
  • 3rd deposit: 100% bonus

Then there are those bonuses that are more play based. In that case, it can be that instead of cash bonuses players get free spins. Online casino operators like Domino QQ have a say on how they want to make their bonuses. But, this is a standard set up.

Domino QQ

No Deposit Bonus

Most bonuses are there to help a new player get their start to play. Unlike new player bonuses, this one does not need an initial deposit. Just registering an account is enough to get things started. However, it should be noted that a bonus like this can ask for a more significant turnover than usual bonuses.

To clarify a bonus like this is not strictly in the form of bonus cash. In fact, free spins are a common bonus in this category. Also sometimes they link specific rewards to a game provider. For example, an online casino has a no deposit bonus, but you can only play games from a particular provider like Microgaming or Playtech.

Log In and Rebate Bonuses 

Now, in the first couple of bonuses, it is directed more to new players. But, online casinos also reward their regular players. For some it is through giving regular rebates, some are weekly, some are daily. For others, there are rewards for logging in.

With rebates, players are given a small percentage of what they have bet back to their accounts. For example, if it’s weekly rebates players can get back, 04 % of the total money they have gambled in that week. Then, with log-ins, there are some small cash rewards. Again it all depends on the casino on what they want to give.

Just before we end, it should also be noted that bonuses are not automatically credited. It is commonly claimed or applied for. To see them all you need to do is open the promotions page and you will see a button that says something like “claim now.” But, to enjoy any sort of bonus an account must be registered with them. If you want, you can try signing up with Domino QQ for some online casino fun and bonuses.